Release Notes – 14th August 2006

After many delays, a new release is out!


  • Email campaigns can be scheduled.
  • Email campaigns send engine improved: You no longer need to wait for a mailout to complete.
  • Added a link titled QUEUE to the email campaign listing. Clicking it will tell you how many more emails are in that campaign’s queue waiting to be sent.
  • Field sets keys can now have a numeric weight to control their order in the field set dropdown boxes. By default, field sets will now sort alphabetically, unless a specific order is determined via the weights.
  • Added Expired as an option in the status field of Task search.
  • The rich text editor option is now a global account setting instead of a user setting. That means that only the Administrators can set it on/off for the entire account. The problem with having it as a user selectable option, is that the editor generates additional Html content that maintains the ‘rich’ quality of the entered text. Users who do not use the rich editor will see that content as ‘plain’ text when they edit those fields, making the data less usable. If you have used the editor and it suddenly reverted back to the plain text mode, please consult your Administrator to turn it back on for the entire account. Email template will have access to the rich editor regardless of this setting.
  • Documents can now contain tags, which allows easy grouping of documents to a group of other records.
  • Knowledge base content will now utilize the rich text editor if that option is enabled for the account.
  • You can now set a default POP account to be pre selected in email forms. You can do that via the POP account data page.
  • You can now set a User Administrator setting to change all country fields from a free text field to a drop down.


  • When performing a campaign mailout, the list of subscribers will now only show if you click the Show Subscribers button.
  • Fixed the Show Projected Value button in the deal form. It now correctly collects the sum of all attached products.
  • Fixed full form searches failing if you search by date extended fields and have the calendar mode set to use the 3 date selectors.
  • Deal quantity defaults to 0 when editing a deal without a product.
  • Category added to contact full search form.
  • Default custom view is now pre selected in full search forms (contact/company)
  • Fixed a problem with company mass field update

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