Release Notes – 14 September 2006

Our release cycle has somewhat slowed up, but only because we are working hard on some major enhancements to freeCRM which we’ll release very soon! We have decided to break our next release into two chunks. The first one now, contains:


  • You can now set up extended fields of the drop down type (select boxes) which when selected, control the options that appear in another extended field drop down box. This is quite handy if you’d like to restrict the data that your users can select in for a record, and contextualise it.
    For example: you can setup a drop down extended field titled Sectors that holds various sectors your industry, and another drop down that contains different disciplines unique for each sector. When the user selects the top level Sector the appropriate disciplines show up in the second drop down, limiting his selection to the right context.
  • You can now determine the start date of a Sales Target.
  • Added a new way to order Form elements. This is available via the Form Editor for each form.
  • You will now be notified about new communications from us regarding your open support cases, so you won’t miss important information regarding your queries.
  • You can now customize which voip protocol to use for displaying phone number links. This setting can be enabled in the Profile Settings screen (Page 2). We also disabled the restriction to begin phone numbers with a + sign and country code but do make sure the phone number format matches the one required by your voip application to enable the integration between freeCRM and your software voip phones.
  • We’ve modified the number format for deal commission to allow percentage values with up to 3 decimal digits.


  • Exporting from the shortlist now also exports addresses for contacts.
  • Added an extra empty option to the industry drop down in contact search.
  • The quick create form now expands to accommodate all fields in it without scrolling.
  • Fixed an issue with exporting call script data.
  • The action selector will now appear when the contacts results contains just one contact.

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