Release Notes – 8 October 2006


  • You can now use Extended Fields in your Mail Templates!
  • Hovering a contact name will now display a tooltip with the Contact’s contact information. You can disable this feature from the Preferences screen by setting the Use Contact Tooltip option to No, on Page 2.
  • Calendar month view now shows a summary of events for a day when you hover the mouse cursor over that day.
  • When you now click the Queue link next to an email campaign you’ll be given the option to view the contents of the queue for that campaign, and remove individual emails or clear it up completely. You’ll also see any failure notice regarding specific emails there.
  • We created a new combined contact and company form that allows you to create/edit both contact and company together on one screen. You’ll find a new link titled Combined on the sub navigation menu below the top tabs.
  • A new button was added to the top of the Contact form. When clicked, and a company is present in the Company field (via the Company Lookup), it will populate the contact form with relevant data from the company record. This can save a lot of typing when you are entering contacts for a company and the contact details match those in the company record (pro version only).
  • You can now switch to other reports from within a report screen without going back to the main report section.
  • You can now duplicate a calendar event by clicking the Duplicate button in the event page (pro version only). A new form will be populated with all the duplicated event fields though a new event will be created when you save. Note that the event minutes field will not be copied over.
  • Company Priority field is now a customizable Field Set.
  • Case custom views now include the Assigned To field.
  • Task deadline now includes the time.
  • Date values now link to the corresponding calendar day.
  • Mass record update form can now add or remove record tags in bulk.
  • We changed the way the inner tabs within a record page look and behave. The system will remember (during your session) the last selected tab and it will be selected the next time you visit similar records. You can turn off the ‘stickiness’ of the tabs from Page 2 of your Preferences screen.
  • Added City, State and Country to the email campaign criteria.
  • Added an Alternative Email field to contacts. Note that the primary email is still the one used by default in mailouts etc, and the new email field is there for reference.
  • You can now double click an email template tag to insert it into the current document, in the template editor.


  • Mass record updates now works properly with company status, priority and category.
  • Moving through the months and years of a calendar month view now retains selected user (for User Administrators)
  • Fixed a problem with adding more options when editing multi-select elements in the Form editor using Firefox.
  • The user preference to automatically close calls when an end time is put in will now work fine.
  • Fixed an issue where using the A-Z letters to filter by first letter did not work if you had a default saved search that was later deleted.
  • Fixed a problem with company note import when mapping by company name (to use existing records, as opposed to creating new ones on the fly).
  • Mass record update form now allows updating field sets to an empty value.

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