When using GMail as your email server

If you are using GMail as your outgoing mail server for an email campaign remember that Google allows only 500 emails to be sent from any given account per day. If your email campaign contains more than 500 subscribers Google will reject any email after the 500th one and you will loose the mailouts for those contacts.

To connect your Gmail account to the CRM and use it to send and receive email, do the following:

  1. Log into your Gmail account. Go to the Settings screen
  2. Select the Forwarding and POP tab
  3. Under POP Download choose one of the Enable option that suits you.
  4. Your Gmail is now ready to be used as a POP and SMTP account. You might want to read the configuration insturctions. See the ones titled “Other” (or see here)
  5. In the CRM, click the POP Accounts button on the left menu and create a new POP account.
  6. The parameters for the POP account are those given to you by Google (in configuration instructions). Normally you’ll want to set Email Address to be your gmail email address, the POP Host would be pop.gmail.com and the smtp will be smtp.gmail.com.
  7. Use your regular Gmail account login for the username and password fields for both POP and SMTP.
  8. That’s it. Our server will pick up on the fact that you use Gmail and will make sure that communication between your and Google is done on an encrypted channel as per Google’s requirements.

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