Release Notes – 7th December 2006


  • NEW: Interactive Time line! A new way to view your calendar in time line view.
  • Raw data export: you can now export your data in raw format which means you get access to all your data as we have it. Great for backups! You can find the raw export under Setup (administrators only).
  • New report Deals by source is now available.
  • You can now map the Created at and Last Modified fields when importing records.
  • Quick search now searches also by deal contacts.
  • You can now search companies by Parent Company.
  • You can now set up event reminders as internal reminders to prevent the Contact assigned to the event to get the reminder notifications.
  • This Week box on the home page now allows folding of sections (you can fold in all the tasks for this week, for example).
  • From the New Call form you can now create new Tasks, Deals and Cases while creating the call record (and have the two tie together).


  • Removed erroneous remove link when listing Criteria campaign subscribers.
  • Relabelled wrongly labelled Prospects lookup field in the Task form to Deals.
  • Product import now obeys the create-duplicate option.
  • Product imports can now be rolled back properly.
  • Emails are now sent using the UTF-8 character set, which means they will handle special characters better than before (umlaut, languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese etc.)
  • Resolved an issue with importing/exporting extended character sets.
  • Fixed a problem in the month calendar view where for certain time zone configurations, the Today designation wasn’t always accurate in certain times of the day.
  • When exporting company data, the service field was renamed to company_description to reflect the actual field purpose.
  • Fixed Deal commission field to accept values in the format of 123.123 (i.e., up to three digits and three decimal points.
  • Fixed an issue with addresses not importing correctly when merging an import containing existing companies and new contacts.
  • Fixed mass tag update not affecting company records.
  • Fixed a problem preventing the deletion of documents if the document title (set in the document envelope – not the actual file name) contained an apostrophe.
  • This Week box now respects the Preferences option whether to show completed records in the calendar.
  • Fixed report parameter form not showing correct name for selected report.

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