Release Notes – February 2nd 2007


  • When creating events, you’ll now receive more detailed notification regarding who was emailed a notification of the event and who was not.
  • When mass updating many fields (via the short list) you can now choose to append a value to existing fields instead of overwriting it. This is only applicable to textual fields, and only in the Professional version.
  • Added a Save and Create a Follow Up button when editing a call record.
  • Added new user preference to open a call record for editing when setting it to Closed (via the button).
  • Added Nickname to contact’s form fields.
  • New Profile setting added under Setup => Profile Settings => Page 2: Allow duplicate company names. When set to YES the system will allow entry of duplicate company names.
  • You can now default the Calendar tab to show the Day view instead of the Month view. The setting is under Page 2 in your Preferences screen (from the left menu bar), and is the last setting currently on that page.
  • Shortlist will now not allow duplicate shortlist names when saved. If no name is entered, the shortlist will be saved as Untitled. Any duplicate name will be appended a number, so a second untitled shortlist will be saved as Untitled 2 and so on.


  • You can now enter a date in the quick search box to retrieve all events from that date.
  • When creating new Case, Task or Deal from a call, the contact and company will carry over to the new records where applicable.
  • You can now properly update date fields when mass updating records.
  • Fixed issues relating to importing deals with new products where the products and quantities did not always import correctly.
  • Quick search now also properly searches by deal contacts.
  • Fixed the Remove button from the calendar event. It will now remove selected users from the assigned list properly.
  • Fixed a problem with raw exports not always working.
  • Exporting from shortlist will now not export unchecked items in the shortlist, so you further filter out records you’d like not to export by unticking the check box next to them. Note that Updating mass records from the shortlist will affect all short-listed items of the selected type without regard to the state of the check box.
  • Fixed a problem where companies were not showing up when performing a search by tag (by clicking a tag).
  • Fixed a problem with tasks not showing in the calendar for certain security settings. Now tasks for all users will show in the calendar when the GROUP security setting is used, and individual tasks per user will show in other settings.
  • Resolved a few issues with the pipeline report where inaccurate results might show in certain circumstances.

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