Release Notes – April 25th 2007

Quite a big release this time:


  • RIGHT CLICK CONTEXT MENUS! – You’ll now be able to right-click items to open an actions menu for that item. For example, click a contact name to open a menu showing actions like Email, Call, Edit etc. As well, right clicking contacts and company links will also show some useful descriptive information such as phone numbers, emails etc..
  • Queue and Hold for email campaigns – You can now queue an email campaign to be sent out but hold the mailout until verified by you. This gives you an option to review and amend the campaign’s output and see who will be mailed out and what the email would look like.
  • Extended Field search now includes AND, OR and NOT criteria – You can now perform advanced searches based on your extended fields via the Full Search form for contacts and companies. We will extend this to the rest of the record types in the near future.
  • Criteria Campaigns can now use saved searches as the criteria – This is the new recommended way to use criteria campaign. Simply choose an already saved search (via the full contact search form) and the campaign will include those contacts returned by that search.
  • Events this week display on the front page now shows event count when you fold a section.
  • You can now search by Tags from each section’s search panel.
  • You can now change the access key for the search field from ALT+S to anything you like (ALT+S clashes with a Firefox shortcut for the history menu. You can find it in page 1 of the Preferences screen.
  • We have made some improvements to the page sizes that are sent to your browsers to increase the general speed of the site (this will be an ongoing effort and we’ll keep on improving on that area).
  • You can now edit call notes while viewing the call details page and call script form.
  • The Rich Text editor that we use (the wonderful tinyMCE) has been upgraded to version 2.10.
  • Raw exports now start at the click of a Start button instead of immediately when the link in Setup is clicked.
  • You can now re-index your extended field data (should the need ever arise) via your Setup screen. This is only available for User Administrators.


  • Criteria Campaigns now return proper results when using extended fields.
  • Clicking Make Call from a deal page that has a primary contact set, will default the call to that contact (and/or company).
  • Contacts and companies created when importing Call records will now roll back properly if that import rolls back.
  • Raw exports should now work fine.
  • Contact Custom Views now show the Email link correctly on the right most options column.
  • When you click the Call button for a contact, the relevant phone numbers will now be displayed in the call form.
  • Full search forms (contact and company) will now load saved searches containing extended fields properly.
  • Pressing the Return/Enter key when on a form that contains lookup will now submit the form as expected and won’t open the lookup search window.

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