Release Notes – July 1st 2007


  • Better handling of different time zones – Please recheck that your timezone is the right one in your Preferences screen.
  • Quick create form now creates record quicker, and allow for creation of records in quick succession.
  • Page numbers now show at the bottom of grid views.
  • Deals now have an “exclude from reports” switch to remove them from consideration in the report’s library and pipeline reports.
  • Added Create New Note as an option to the right click context menu of records.
  • Email campaigns now show the next schedule date (where available) of the campaign mail out, and clicking it provides a list of all future schedules for this campaign.
  • Calls now allow setting the call flag from the call summary screen.
  • You can now save pipeline report as a PDF document in your Documents section.
  • Added new report: Companies by status
  • You can now search records by notes from the search panels.


  • Call List link now appears in custom views for contacts
  • Fixed pagination issue when searching by extended fields from the full contact form.
  • Time line now defaults the end date to ‘now’.
  • Unavailability panel in the new calendar event form now works properly.
  • Fixed a problem with imported companies not rolling back.
  • Tidied up a few places which ignored the “do not allow deletions by users” setting.
  • Call list link now appears properly in custom views links.
  • Fixed a problem with criteria campaigns and using tags as criteria
  • Tag fields added to full search forms for contact and company.
  • Quick-fill fields now work faster without refreshing the page after each update. There are many Quick-fill fields scattered through out the application – if you see the mouse cursor change to a hand while hovering an empty listing field (for example contact phone number) you can click to update the field right there without having to open the record form.
  • Calls pagination from a company page (under the calls tab) will now work properly.
  • Fixed a problem which made it impossible to revert a campaign from using a saved search to normal criteria.
  • We’ve gone and added context menus to record links that lacked them.
  • Fixed an issue with the status field in the combined form sending double values sometimes.
  • Fixes to extended fields searching from the full contact and company forms.

If you are a pro user using the xml web services to update your crm data from your own website, please note that the time zone field for contacts have been update. The change is noted in the web services docs (available from the Profile Settings page under Setup).

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