Release Notes – May 14th 2007


  • Pro users can now create extended fields that link to external sites. The links will open in a new browser window.
  • Pipeline report now shows breakdown of deal commissions
  • Deal commission totals reports added to the report library (2 reports – one for open and closed deals)
  • Event form now contains a new check box to determine if to also email the event contact if emails are to be sent. Tick the box to include the contact in the event email notification (prior to this release the contact was always included in the email notification).
  • Pipeline report now allows to show open, closed or all deals. We’ve also move the Closed/Open deal count to the top of the pipeline report as this is not affected by the open/closed filter. The default is to show open deals.
  • We’ve added the Closed field to the call import mapping form.


  • Fixed a problem when searching for extended fields using a data value from the advanced search panel for contacts and companies.
  • Notes created by email campaign mail outs will now record the creation date and time properly
  • Fixed a problem when subscribing a contact to multiple campaigns that are set to auto send and create notes. In such a scenario, the auto send will now work fine.
  • Pipeline date filter now works properly when using the 3-part date selector
  • Call note saving from the call page will now work properly with the regular plain text field.

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