Release Notes – Aug 25th 2007


  • You can now set up alerts that will notify all users of the account once the alert event has happened.
  • New security setting added to the Security Settings screen under Setup: Administrator Access. This setting can determine if User Administrators can always see other user’s data regardless of the selected security setting.
  • By default the system will now remember the last page you were at in result listings. You can turn it off and have all record listings default to page 1. The option to do so is on Page 2 in your user preferences screen.
  • Identifier fields added to the contact and company full search forms
  • Using the XML web services (which allow pro users to create records in the CRM from their own websites) now allows the assigning of a record to a particular user based on its Id. You can see your user’s unique Id via the Setup->Create/Edit Users screen.
  • Calendar, case and task exports via the left navigation menu now include a list of assigned users.
  • Relevant exports now show certain dates and times both in the UTC time zone and the user’s local time. For example, in the calendar export the start and end dates now show both in the UTC and local timezones (as set in your preferences).
  • All exports via the left navigation menu now show the record tags where applicable.


  • When completing mass record updates the screen will now refresh back to the initial step.
  • Resolved an issue with email campaigns not auto sending when using the XML web services to update the CRM from your own website.
  • Quick create form now redirects to edit screen again if set to do so in your preferences.
  • Deal’s ‘Show All’ button now works as intended.

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