Release Notes – 24 May 2006

This is a big release with a good deal of well requested features:
New Features:

  • We’ve started Blog.Free.Crm which will be used to keep you informed of what’s new with the system.
    A news feed from the blog now appears in your freeCRM home page and can be turned off via the Preference screen.
  • We’ve added a Frequently Asked Questions section, available from the left menu (FAQ button).
  • Custom views can now include extended fields (Sorting by these extended fields is not yet enabled).
  • Extended fields of type DATE are now searchable using date ranges in the Contact/Company full search forms.
  • Added additional email campaign criteria fields: company industry, annual revenue, number of employees and more.
  • When editing company address you can now propagate the address to the company contacts. The address can be copied or shared with the contacts.
  • Company industry field can now be a customizable drop down field-set instead of the standard free text field.
    To use a drop down, set the option: “Use a free text for company industry” to NO in your Preferences screen (Page 2).
  • Added a new preference setting to control the default selection for call forms for “Contact exists/does not exist”.
  • New preference setting: You can now create an automatic note to contacts every time a contact is mailed out via an email campaign. To turn this feature on, log on as a User administrator and see your Profile screen (this option is not available to regular users as it is an account wide setting).
  • Pressing ALT + S will focus the quick search form field.
  • Added Messenger Id/Network/Skype Id to the list of mapping fields on imports.
  • The quick search form now allows you to specify if you want to search the CRM database or the web. Both results will display inside the CRM.


  • Under very certain conditions, clicking a contact from a deal search results might not show closed deals in the contacts deals tab. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem when searching for company names in the lookup window where the name contained special characters.

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