Release Notes – Oct 26th 2007


  • SMS / Text Campaigns – This is an experimental new feature, still in Beta. SMS stands for Short Message Service and is the more ‘technical’ term for text messages. It will allow you to send text message campaigns. Since this is a pretty important and large bit of functionality we’ll be introducing it in parts and with certain limitations. More on that will follow soon. The campaign send-out is not yet fully active though the setup for campaigns can be created. Note that your contact’s mobile phone numbers must exist for a contact to be valid for SMS campaigns.
  • Duplicate report now shows duplicate mobile phones. This will allow you to prepare for SMS campaigns.
  • Two new skins introduced to change the look and feel of freeCRM: Gray Sky and Pretty In Pink. Both can be selected from your Preferences screens. Note that at some point in the future the two older skins San Francisco and New York will be replaced as we intend to allow you to modify the tab structure and those two skins get in the way.
  • Email campaign listing page now divided into pages where applicable.
  • Pro accounts can now delete users at any time. Usage will be calcuated on a pro rated basis (pay as you go).


  • The mail out count in the Email Campaign section now shows the count for successful sends per campaign.
  • When you now clear an email campaign queue, all pending history items for that queue will be removed as well.
  • Fixed a problem with alerts not working properly when assigned to a specific user.
  • Fixed a few layout and display issues throughout

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