Release Notes – January 21st 2008

We are happy to introduce ‘Editable Views’: In the company and contact’s views, you can now double click a value (or for empty values, single click the pencil icon) to edit that value then and there. Once edited, use Enter or Tab to make the new value ‘stick’. We are rolling this feature out as a test in company and contacts form only, and you’ll notice it does not include all fields. If you have any issues or suggestions with this feature please let us know via the Support section (pro users only). During the following week we’ll be rolling out this feature to the rest of the views and fields.
In addition to that, this release includes:

  • Email campaigns now show counts for successful mail outs, failed ones and queued emails. This breakdown is shown in each email campaign page. The count in the email campaign listings will show successful mail outs only.
  • POP3 and SMTP accounts now support custom ports and SMTP accounts support SSL and TLS security methods.
  • User Administrators can now edit or delete messages written in the message board even if they did not create the original message.
  • Contacts and company records now show Previous and Next buttons to advance to the next record in alphabetic order.
  • When you now save a shortlist you will have the option to overwrite existing copy with the same name by ticking a box. If you do not tick it and a shortlist with the same name exists, a copy of it will be created (e.g., if you have ‘My shortlist‘ already and try to save a shortlist with the same name, ‘My shortlist 2‘ will be created if that box is not ticked).
  • We updated the XML based web service documentation to reflect that you can set Case close date and deadline fields via the service. As well you can now define the behaviour of handling duplicates when using the update_criteria option (update or reject record). See the docs for more.
  • You can now assign a Knowledge Base node (document or folder) to a case.
  • When you are saving email arriving from your POP accounts as contact notes, attachments will also be saved as documents for the contact.
  • New report added – you can now view a list of the last 100 notes entered into the system across all record types in one unified view.
  • Fixed a problem with Flag All button from a custom view.
  • Fixed an issue when exporting criteria campaign mailer list
  • Fixed an issue with document form when creating a document from a deal screen.
  • Right clicking a company link will now also show all of its addresses in the pop up panel.
  • By default, event notifications will now also show Contact and Company contact info in the event notification email. You can customize this (pro users) as well and use 2 new tags in the template: [CONTACT] and [COMPANY]
  • You can now share saved shortlists between all your users. See the new setting in the Setup->Security Settings screen.

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