Release Notes – February 26th 2008

UPDATE: Please clear your browser’s cache if your home page looks funny.
A big one this time! Lots of new features that have been in the works for quite a while now.

  • Customizable Home Page! – You can now customize what’s on your homepage. We’ll be adding more boxes you can place on your homepage soon. Note that you can either drag home boxes around, or use the arrows icon to move them with a single click. If you take out a box and would like to add it back, use the Add boxes menu item on the left navigation menu.
  • Customizable tabs! – You can now customize which tabs are required for your organization. If you don’t use Email campaigns, you don’t need to have that tab appear on every screen for example. Tabs are customized by administrators but you can also allow regular users to customize their own tabs – see Page 1 of the Profile settings page for that option’s switch. (pro users only).
  • Customizable left menu – You can now customize the left hand menu bar! (pro users only).
  • Quick Create form can be called up from anywhere. Need to create a quick contact or company record while editing a different record? No problem – just click the Quick Create button on the left menu and a quick create form will pop up.
  • Vonage integration – Got a Vonage account? Integrate it with freeCRM (pro users only). This will enable you to place calls (and create corresponding call records for them) straight from the CRM. See the setup screen for the vonage configuration form.
  • You can now choose to hide the pencil icon from the views. You will not be able to edit empty fields or link fields from the views when the pencil is hidden.
  • Resolved a few issues with the new Editable Views and Internet Explorer 7.
  • Next/Previous buttons on a contact page now takes you to the next record based on your contact display mode (first name or surname first).
  • You can now create alerts to notify you of a record’s creation
  • User administrators can now set a security setting to allow all saved searches to be shared amongst the entire team. You’ll find this option in Setup->Security Settings.
  • We resolved a few minor issues with extended field searching and special characters.

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