Release Notes – March 1st 2008

This is a small complimentary release to the last one. We’ve ironed out a few issues some of you had with the last release and will continue to improve the functionality and stability of the system.

  • We update the rich text editor we use (the fantastic TinyMCE) to version
  • User administrators can now choose to allow users to change fonts and colors in their rich text editors (if they are using them). You can find this option in Page 2 of the Profile Settings screen. (we’re working on making this ever increasing selection of options be more manageable).
  • You can now add the following menu items to the left hand side menu: Contact Search, Company Search (both go to the full search forms). The FAQ menu item has also been made available after it was mistakenly omitted in the last release. You can add those items from Setup->Setup Left Menu.
  • Record history has been returned to its rightful place below the left menu bar.
  • A few fixes were made throughout the site to resolve reported issues with the previous release.

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