Release Notes – 5 June 2006


  • Conference Calls – you can now create calls with more than one contact.
  • Default Searches – you can now set a default search for the different sections. For example, “Show all Presentation type tasks as the default view for Tasks”. To set a default – save a search and click the little push pin next to the saved search selector. This is only available on the extended search panels at this stage.
  • Contact full search form now allows searching by birthday using date ranges or by a specific month.
  • Criteria based campaigns can now filter by extended fields
  • You can now select to show overdue events in the home page. To turn this feature on, see your Profile Settings screen under Setup. Note that you need to be logged in as a User Administrator to access this screen. Overdue events show in a red/orange colour and events whose deadline expires today show in yellow.
  • By default, completed cases and calls will not show in the calendar and past events and deals will show in the calendar. However you can change this via your Preferences screen (page 2).
  • New report: Call flags by users
  • We added a Blog button to the left menu.


  • Extended fields in custom views is now enabled for all record types.
  • Exporting from the shortlist now works.
  • When sorting views by contact birthday, the sort will now by month instead of by the whole date.
  • Enhanced lookups will now populate the company field with the selected contact’s company (where applicable).
  • Enhanced date selectors (popup calendar) now also include a button to clear the date
  • Fixed an issue with task deadline not clearing under certain conditions.
  • Better wording for the selection of extended fields (under setup).
  • Fixed a bug when editing an extended field of type Checkbox/Radio where the edit box for the field’s options would not open right away.
  • We changed the wordings of the Data Confirmation page’s confirmation message. It no longer states that the user will be redirected to, and instead suggests they can now close the browser window.
  • The This Week panel on the Home page will now scroll when there are many events instead of displaying as a long list.
  • Fixed a performance issue when importing very large data sets with a very large number of extended fields.
  • Changed wording for the data confirmation message.
  • In the Setup screen, we renamed Update Profile to Profile Settings.

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