Release Notes – March 2009

We’re delighted to announce major new features: Voice CRM, Microsoft Word Mail Merge and Print Campaigns!
Voice CRM integrates your telephone with Freecrm. Right click any phone number and you can dial it directly. Your phone will ring first, and after you answer it the target’s phone will ring as well. The details of the call, start and end times will be captured automatically in a call record.
This is available for users of the Professional version and is currently in Beta. While we are testing the service and iron out any issues the calls you make are completely free!  Make sure that the right click menu is enabled (via Preferences). Before you start be sure to set up your voice account and phone numbers for each user. You can do this via the Setup screen under Voice Setup.
Microsoft Word Mail Merge allows you to upload Word documents with embeded special tags like [contact.first_name] or [] and have them replaced with the contact’s details when you compile the document. You can Create Print campaigns, subscribe many contacts to them or use a saved search and generate multi page document ready for printing.

More documentation and examples for Voice CRM and Print campaigns will be added soon.

  • Voice CRM! Make calls directly from the crm and right now – its free!!!
  • Microsoft Word Mail Merge lets you merge contact and company data into a predefined Word template.
  • Print Campaigns allow you to generate word documents for multiple contacts.
  • You can now create an email signature to be used when emailing individual emails to contacts.
  • You can now subscribe to all campaigns from the contact context menu. Simply click any contact link with the right mouse button.
  • We enhanced the call screen to include tabs for easy access to the contact, deal, case etc.
  • You can now create a document backup of all your files under the Docs section. If you have a large number of files you will have to wait up to 24 hours for the  backup to be created.
  • Mail account verification – you’ll now find a Verify link next to your mail accounts. Click it to attempt to verify the accounts setup. We’ll email your account an email using your account, and immediately go to check if it has arrived.
  • New report: Calls by time.


  • Quick search on 3 term keywords used to throw an error under certain conditions. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed issues with saving unavailability times.
  • Vonage calling will now show in phone number context menu if there is no vonage account is defined.
  • We resolved various small issues across the CRM that affected small number of users.

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