About our release cycle

Traditionally, software houses working on a product have a fixed release cycle every certain period of time, for example every 6 months.
Any bugs found with the product between those release cycles are either dealt with by issuing a hotfix (or patch), or if the issue is minor, it is deferred to the next release cycle (or ignored).
We never really liked that model. There might be no other realistic way when the software is released on a CD (that you can pick up in a store and pay for at the counter), but it doesn’t hold true with a hosted software solution.

This is the reason why we try to do a weekly release with new features and fixes. We’ve also started documenting every little addition or fix we make to the application and publish it in the release notes.
As well, the main driving force of our development is user requests – users of our professional edition can request features via the support helpdesk, and we do aim to please as much as possible ;o)

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