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To our valued clients:

CRM ASP and appreciates your business, and we hope that you are happy with the service as we are constantly upgrading and providing additional and new features to help you and your business.  We are writing today to let you know that it has become necessary to increase our rates so that we may continue to provide excellent service and to increase the amount of service and quality of support that we provide.

The primary reason for the increase is to enhance the support staff and organization around services as well as support of the Voice CRM product.   The bottom line is that our prices were way too low to maintain our level of service and in addition, when compared to the competitors, our prices were extremely low and therefore difficult for us to increase the level of support provided.  By raising our already rock-bottom prices, we are still much cheaper than the competition when compared with comparable service levels.

This price increase is the first since 2006 and was even postponed by several months to provide some relief due to the tough economic climate.

We are moving to a support and pricing model that is similar to our competition but priced at a very affordable rate compared to the other products in the industry.  With this new pricing plan, we are able to augment our support staff and provide higher quality personnel in order to better service our larger customers and those needing a higher degree of assistance.

Effective September 1, 2009, pricing of our plans will be as follows:

$14.95 Standard Plan:  We have created a new plan that has all of the enhanced features of the product but has no support.  This will allow users to take advantage of the enhanced feature set of Professional but not the added cost of support.

$19.95 Professional Plan:  All of the enhanced features of the system with email and live chat support and trouble ticket tracking / issues tracking support.  This is our enhanced feature set with the basic support package and only lacks telephone support.

$24.95 Premium Plan: All of the enhanced features of the system with all support options including phone support.

$39.95 VoiceCRM Plan:  Premium service plus Voice enhancements including VoiceCRM, Vonage and Skype support, and Google Voice.

Training Sessions:  $45 per 1/2 hour training sessions, new pricing which is a huge discount (price decreased from $175 per hour).

Business Process Consulting:  $90 per hour, with our 3-hour Business Starter Package at $250.0 (3 hour package).

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call or write.  Again, thank you for the opportunity to provide service to your company.

All the best,

The CRM ASP Team

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