FreeCRM Chooses UltraDNS for the Ultimate in Performance

Dear Community, has just switched to UltraDNS, a world renowned service that will increase the speed and reliability of our CRM web site and improve overall performance and reliability.Â
UltraDNS Managed DNS Service directly manages and monitors DNS, using a fully fault-tolerant, global directory service. By leveraging advanced routing technologies latent in the UltraDNS global network,’s customers` DNS requests are directed to the closest server in the network, enabling the fastest response times to DNS requests. Additionally, changes to DNS data are globally propagated in real-time ensuring end users will have the most up-to-date information to resolve their content requests.

After extensive testing of the UltraDNS network and directory platform, we found that the Managed DNS Service met our stringent operational and business requirements for this critical infrastructure component. continually seeks to improve the web based CRM experience, and with UltraDNS we are able to ensure that our customers have unparalleled speed and reliability in DNS resolution for web site.

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