Tags and freeCRM

Using tags you can create quick ad-hoc keywords to categorize and group records of different types together.

For example, you could tag a bunch of contacts, a few deals and a couple of calls as “Lucrative“.
You’ve instantly created a new category titled Lucrative and assigned all these records to it.
A search on the Lucrative tag will yield all the records tied to that keyword.
In your Home page you’ll find a list of all used tags, ordered by popularity. Tags which have more records assigned to them will appear first. Clicking a tag will present you with the contents of that category. You’ll also notice a drop down selector to the right of the tag list, where you can select from a bunch of different additional web sites and search engines (some of which also use tags as means to categorize data). Selecting a different site from that drop down and clicking a tag will open a search for that tag in the selected web site (handy for web research). The default searches are for your freeCRM database. Searches in any of those other web sites will be performed in a new window.

There are three different modes of tag entry. The User Administrator for you account sets which tag mode will be used for the entire company.
This setting can be found under Setup->Profile Settings as “Tag Entry Mode“.

The three modes are:

  • FREE
    Users are free to enter any tag they want for a record.
    Tags are only selectable from a predetermined list, and users cannot enter their own tags.
    The User Administrator sets up a Field Set containing all allowed tags in advance. This can be done under: Setup-> Setup Field Sets -> Predefined Tag List. This field set contains all the available tags users can choose from.
    Users can enter any tag they want but they are also offered a list of all tags currently in use in the system. This can prevent them for creating tags with typos (causing unwanted duplication) or lead them towards better selection of keywords.

Note that tags in freeCRM are a single word keyword (no spaces).When you visit a record’s page, you’ll find the tag entry fields which depending on the tag entry mode your company uses, might be a single text entry field, or one accompanied by a select box.

If you use the LIST ONLY mode, to remove a tag from a record simply select the tag from the right list of tags and click the Remove button next to it.
For any other mode, you can just delete the tag from the list of tags for that record.

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