Release Notes – 11 June 2006

This is a Major release for us! Besides a good deal of new features, we can now support character sets from almost any language, from Japanese to Hebrew to Arabic or Thai!

  • Full UTF (Unicode) Support – Our database and application are now full UTF8 compliant and can support characters from most languages correctly, including support for importing/exporting data with extended character sets.
  • Criteria based email campaigns now include tags as part of the criteria. Note that when using tags in the criteria, the operator used will be OR and not AND (e.g., adding both tags Magic and Tragic to the criteria, will pull out contacts who has either tag).
  • The contact record page will now show a list of all other contacts that were referred by the contact.
  • Deals now contain a commission field (percentage). When viewing a deal’s record the commission amount will be calculated using the commission percentage and the deal total amount.
  • The Welcome text box in the preferences screen will now use the rich text editor if you have it turned in your Preferences settings.
  • Products amount/cost can now contain values of up to 99,999,999,999.99.
  • Added wholesale price field to products.
  • Cases now show the Deadline field in the default view. As well, overdue cases are marked in red and those expiring today are marked in yellow.
  • Added an Industry field to the contact search panel. This is a drop down pick list which shows all the industries used by the company records in your database. Searching by Industry will pull out all contacts that relate to that industry (via their company connections).
  • Added the ability to import from vCal files.
  • Added Deal Identifier to task import field mapping
  • The home page now shows cases expiring this week and overdue ones.
  • Added Save and Create New button to the Extended Fields creation form.
  • We rearranged the Setup screen.


  • Fixed a problem in the contact full search form that happened during the last release.
  • Fixed task query when sorting by Assigned To (applicable only if you created custom views that contain that field).
  • Deal search by contact now includes the primary contact.
  • Fixed a bug where under the RECORD security setting contacts might not appear under their related companies if the owner was not assigned explicitly.
  • Fixed a problem where if two users created tasks/case/deal records at the same time, the records might share the same sequence number.
    As a result of this fix, if you create a task/case/deal record which at creation time shows its sequence as 10032, and another user has created a record of the same type with the same number before you had a change to submit your form, then your record will receive the next sequence number in line (i.e., 10033).
  • Fixed a problem when paginating tag searches.
  • Fixed a pagination issue when performing searches by owner in the Deals section.
  • Added State field to call search results and listings to show the call’s Open/Closed state.
  • Extended field ordering field will now expand to show all fields without scrolling.
  • Fixed a problem in the user’s time online report where sometimes certain logons would not be counted in the total for a user.
  • The import tool has been improved and updated.

Update: You’ll find a new drop down box in the import form to allow you to select the encoding of the file you are importing. This is required if you are importing files with extended character setc (i.e., files containing chinese or thai that are NOT UTF).
For more about character encoding, see here

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